The Eugéns is a refined footwear brand for children.

Founded by the closest of friends, Kalia and Christina, who share the same attributes on quality, design and style.

These women are first and foremost moms who seek to create shoes for little feet using the highest level of quality in terms of material and craftsmanship together with refined simplicity and most importantly attention to detail. Their desire to combine traditional handcrafted design with advanced contemporary design led them to create a brand that is unique.

Their inspiration comes from the playful and adventurous spirit of children, their childhood memories and their love for vintage designs that are brought up to date with modern features.

The name behind the brand derives from the Greek name Eugénia meaning ‘well-born’. A brand name that pays tribute to each one of the founders’ daughter and mother as they all carry the name Eugénia.

About the shoes

The Eugéns shoes are handcrafted in France and Spain with a result that combines the technical advancements of a modern shoe and the beautiful refinement of retro designs.

For a baby’s first walking shoes, each of The Eugéns designs feature a well-adapted weight; good support to the back of the heel; sufficient rise without compromising ankle flexibility; soles with good hold and grip; and optimal toe protection. It is important that the sole be supple enough to ensure a good, flowing step without impeding it.